Sherry shares her skills with Baltimore Dog!
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Animal Communicator Sherry B. True is available for your next pet event. Whether it is celebrating your pet's birthday or just having a group of like minded people together to find out what their pet is thinking, schedule Sherry for a fun and entertaining event!

Welcome to Spirit Paws...

Hi, my name is Sherry B. True and I would like to thank you for stopping by to see what Spirit Paws is all about. Check out the services link to see all the services provided by Spirit Paws. I am here to assist you in creating a healthy and deep spiritual bond between you and your animal companion. I like to deal with both the physical and spiritual side of all animal beings when doing my work. As with us humans we can not just treat the physical side of life as we are so much more than our bodies. The animals in our lives are indeed precious members of the family and it is important that we honor and do the same for them. We are all part of the great oneness of the universe.

Our animal companions can lift our spirits from some of the deepest downs and remind us of what really matters, unconditional love. They are the true teachers of unconditional love and other values of the heart and spirit. Whether it is animal communication or energy work when working with an animal, we must always honor and respect its spirit, and always remember that it is the animalís soul that has the ultimate choice in making any shifts that are to be made. I am grateful to be able to assist you and your animal companion in your quest for good health for your animal and a deeper understanding between our two worlds.

Have fun as you look around the pages here and check back as these pages are updated often. Please visit the Links and Resource page to access a host of other sites of education and interest.

Blessings to all spiritual beings!

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NOTE:  With Sherry's active involvement with various animal welfare, rescue and fostering programs, a portion of all earnings of Spirit Paws is generously donated to these causes throughout the year.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
~ Mohandas Gandhi.
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